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Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is one of the delicacies most attributed with Turkey. Lokum is the Turkish word for Turkish Delight. They are little cube shaped sweets naturally flavoured with fruits and nuts. It is the subtlety and the depth of the sweetness, together with the smoothness of the texture that makes our Turkish delight the most revered in Turkey.

Turkish Delight by Divan

Authentic Lokum in the finest Ottoman Tradition

Turkish Delight for more than 500 years has been favorite taste of royalty and today continues to delight palates around the world with its uniquely authentic flavor.

As the world’s premier producer of this uniquely satisfying delicacy, Divan carries on a gourmet tradition that stretches back to 15th century. Our line of Seljuk Turkish Delight includes eight varieties ranging from classics like pistachio, rose&lemon and date to more different varieties including pomegranate&pistachio, almond and ginger. And if you have a weakness for a chocolate, our chocolate coated pistachio and chocolate coated rose are sure to appeal.

Whichever variety you choose, our master confectioners’ creations are guaranteed to delight the sultans in you. The line of Seljuk Turkish Delight is also a perfect gift, available in exclusive gift boxes in a range of sizes featuring modern interpretations of historic Seljuk Turkish motifs, as well as in more contemporary gifting that put a post-modern spin on this traditional delicacy.


If you are the one who is after extraordinary delicacies, Ardoise chocolate with the great harmony of the white chocolate, almond and natural colours obtained from plant extracts is absolutely handcrafted for you. The blue and red outside coating gives clues on what anticipates you in the inside. Extraordinary in all aspects, so is with its taste.

Pistachio Rocher Chocolate

A fantastic chocolate experience with a unique taste: Pistachio Rocher Chocolate. This mouthwatering delicacy, getting its name from the word Rocher meaning “rock” in French, gets its rich flavor from whole pistachios and is supported by the cornflakes for a colourful and crispy dining experience. Thus, all is combined in an original recipe with unique flavor and great shape.

Our Brand Story

1956…Divan Hotel at Elmadag, Istanbul…Unique tasting chocolates, boutique cakes and desserts are first ever introduced. The desserts made by Swiss Chef Kundert who came to Turkey from Huegenin Patisserie to make cakes, chocolates and desserts for Divan Hotel are so much appreciated that the tastes of these desserts of Divan have begun to be talked among the taste seekers. The foundations of Divan Patisserie were thus built 60 years ago.

Divan, the leader of concept of luxury chocolate and boutique patisserie, is a representative of tradition of perfect service, quality and delicacy along with the recipes, passed from one generation to the other and blended with Turkish taste.

The journey of Divan Patisserie which started at Divan Elmadag Hotel and proceeded at Sutluce with the Turkey’s first ever cake and dessert manufacturing facility continues at the factory with 8,000 sqm covered area which was built in 2003 in Istanbul. By January 2015, the capacity of the factory has been tripled and enlarged to 15,000 sqm area. The peerless delicacies of Divan, composed of 170 products, are made by the experienced chefs with the use of high level of technology. Daily capacity does now allow manufacturing of 10 tones of chocolate, 5 tones of Turkish Delight, 5 tones of bakery and 10,000 pieces of cakes per day.

One of the most attributed features of Divan is to have caught the success both in boutique and industrial businesses. Not only with the handmade products also with the ones made under high hygiene environment with the use of renewed machinery in line with the development of technology, Divan, is a brand who had succeeded in bringing the customers together with the same quality and the taste for 60 years.

The fame of unique chocolates and Turkish Delights of Divan have spread around the world. The products of Divan are served in the acknowledged stores of London, USA, Australia, France, Belgium, UAE, Qatar, Bahrein, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.

As the unique tastes of Divan spreads around the world, the only thing that does not change is the taste itself and the craftsmanship. As a value who represents the quality, tradition, prestige and perfect service for years, Divan, has had herself heartily accepted as a precious brand who has appreciated experience, craftmanship and has been a school in patisserie business in Turkey.

Divan still keeps carrying the excitement and passion of the early days to anywhere where happiness exists.

We have visited Japan recently, and observed the appreciation of quality, taste and fine craftsmanship. We believe that we share these values and trust that Divan will be appreciated in Japan. We are grateful to be able to offer Turkish Delight in Japan.


Pistachio Turkish Delight

70g / 140g / 250g

¥ 1,000 / ¥ 1,700 / ¥ 2,500

Rose and Lemon Turkish Delight

70g / 140g / 250g

¥ 700 / ¥ 1,200 / ¥ 2,000

Date Turkish Delight

70g / 140g / 250g

¥900 / ¥1,600 / ¥2,400

Almond Turkish Delight

70g / 140g / 250g

¥900 / ¥1,600 / ¥2,400

Ginger Turkish Delight

70g / 140g

¥600 / ¥1,000

Pistachio Rocher Chocolate



Pomegranate and Pistachio Turkish Delight

70g / 140g / 250g

¥1,000 / ¥1,700 / ¥2,500

Chocolate Coated Pistachio Turkish Delight

100g box / 275g box

¥1,400 / ¥2,750

Chocolate Coated Rose Turkish Delight

100g box /275g box

¥1,300 / ¥2,500

Turkish Delight with Kadayif and Walnut

225g box


Ardoise Chocolate



Ardoise Chocolate with Cinnamon